Newsletter | January 9, 2020

01.09.20 -- 4 Wi-Fi Planning & Deployment Best Practices Every MSP Can Swear By

Channel Insights
The Impact Of Brexit On MSPs
Article | By Joshua Oakes, IT Glue

While we here at IT Glue cannot force the politicians to remove this uncertainty altogether, we can provide some advice as to what the issues are going to be for you, especially in light of a no-deal Brexit. The way we see it, a no-deal Brexit will impact MSPs in four key ways.

Using An RMM For Remote Work? You Also Need An FSM For On-Site.
Article | Field Nation

A remote monitoring and management system is essential for routine maintenance. Unfortunately, it won’t do the entire job by itself. MSPs need a similar tool to efficiently handle time-intensive on-site projects.

Lockdown Lessons Guide: Securing Your Business First
  Article | Webroot

When you consider modern attacks, it’s pretty obvious that all businesses need a strong lineup of cyber-defense tools, not just a barebones firewall and old-fashioned antivirus. You need to protect your business first, and to do that, you have to build out a strong cybersecurity stack that can actually withstand the onslaught of modern malware.

How Copier Dealers Can Go To Market Faster Selling Managed IT Services
Webinar | Taylor Business Group

More copier dealers are entering the managed IT services business at a rapid pace as a way to expand their business and revenue. This on-demand webinar, co-presented by Taylor Business Group, shares lessons learned in the industry so you can go to market faster with fewer headaches.

Leadership Lessons
How Firing Customers Grew My MSP
By Cort Ouzts, POS Nation

In the early stages of any business, there’s one initial goal. Get as many people as possible to know the business exists — and more specifically, get as many customers as possible. Brand awareness grows your potential customer base. The more customers you have, the more trusted you are, which leads to even more customers. And of course, more customers means more profits.

Invest In Your Staff Now Or Pay The Price Later
By Mark Matthews

Small business owners must continuously invest in their staff, if they don't want to keep losing them. But if I train my staff, I will have to pay them more. Unfortunately, this is how I used to think 20 years ago. I have, since then, definitively changed my outlook, but, unfortunately, I know that other small business owners still think the same way, and this is why I have written this piece in the hope to change, or at least challenge, this belief.

4 Wi-Fi Planning & Deployment Best Practices Every MSP Can Swear By
By Derrick Wlodarz, FireLogic Inc

As Wi-Fi becomes ever more critical to organizations, and client density continues to grow due to IoT, playing the same old card will start to fall flat. Proper planning and expectation matching are becoming much more important than ever before, back when Wi-Fi was merely a nicety for the breakroom.

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