Newsletter | July 21, 2021

07.21.21 -- 4 Ways MSPs Can Detox Their Clients IT Environments

4 Ways MSPs Can Detox Their Clients' IT Environments

Managed service providers had to give it their all (and then some) to ensure their clients' IT environments continued to operate during an unpredictable 2020. But that's in the past. It's time to get the new year off to a great start by detoxing your clients' IT environments to ensure they have a fruitful 2021. Let's begin our journey to recovery.

4 Employee Bad Habits MSPs Can Cash In On
Businesses still struggle to curb employee bad habits that put data at risk. That's why it's no surprise human error is still the primary reason for data loss. However, their struggle could be your opportunity. When pitching your MSP services, it's important to highlight and educate businesses on the real threats of not having a full business continuity and disaster recovery strategy in place.
Go-To-Market Playbook: Selling Your BCDR Solution
Many MSPs still struggle to explain the value of a strong BCDR solution to their prospects. The mission is to help prospects understand that the lack of a robust and proven BCDR solution will put their company at risk and to establish the specific benefits they will reap if they invest in our BCDR solution.
MSPs/' Almanac To Marketing Success

The term 'marketing' has apparently been around since the 16th century. However, a lot has changed since then in terms of technological advancement, the internet, globalization, AI tools, and so much more. Although we all currently face a new era of change due to the global health pandemic, one thing that has remained consistent and will continue to do so is sales and marketing. 

Get Back To Growth: Data Backup Playbook

The objective of this playbook is to help you get back to growth and build a successful business in this lucrative data backup and protection space. It will guide you on how to position and price your managed backup services, understand sales and marketing KPIs, manage leads better, and augment go-to-market strategies.