Newsletter | July 10, 2019

07.10.19 -- 4 Tips For Leading Your Sales Team; mPOS & Telehealth Trends

The Benefits And Challenges Of mPOS

While few would question that mobile POS is an inevitable future for POS systems in an increasingly wireless and IoT-friendly world, actual adoption of the technology has been behind expectations. Customers looking for replicated online experiences in brick-and-mortar stores will eventually push retailers to get on board, but not before they grapple with the challenges and embrace the possibilities of mPOS solutions.

Telehealth: Top 3 Trends For 2019

Telehealth and telemedicine have brought a lot of opportunity to the table, or better yet, device screens, in the past year. By enabling clinicians to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients remotely all in convenient time frames, the need for WebMD and waiting in line at germ-infested waiting rooms is no longer prevalent. Expanding on this basis, these solutions are also benefitting those who perhaps don’t have access to a local primary health practice or pediatrician.

What Is A Smart City, And Why Should I Care?

The technology world is full of buzzwords, and our channel is no exception to this rule. As soon as one term becomes demystified, two more spring up in its place. Just when you thought you understood what the Internet of Things is and how it could impact your business, the term ‘smart city’ starts getting kicked around.

4 Tips For Leading Your Sales Team

Whether you identify as an ISV or VAR, you’ll come to find that the growth of your business can be a double-edged sword. Though your business may be collecting a following and sales are picking up swiftly, there’s also a fear in that impaling you as you get started. Follow these four steps for guiding your sales staff in the right direction, if chaos were to ever strike.

Solutions Provider Helps MH Equipment Go Paperless With Rugged Mobility Solution

In 2017, MH Equipment began taking aggressive steps to modernize its business processes and implement advanced workforce technology solutions that would improve resource utilization and, ideally, reduce operating expenses while improving the customer service experience. Learn how rugged tablets and custom software give their entire field- and office-based workforce the right tools for every job.