Newsletter | May 2, 2019

05.02.19 -- 3 Types Of IT Pros: Which To Hire?

Featured Editorial
The 3 Types Of IT Pros
Guest Column | By John Watkins, inRsite IT Solutions

Most IT pros loosely fit into one of three groups when categorized by their overall knowledge and experience in the field, and not everyone fits neatly into a single group. Despite that, this is a useful way of categorizing contractors and new hire prospects into groups that correlate with their roles and responsibilities.

Spotlight On MSP Client Success: Quebecom
Guest Column | A conversation with Alexandre Grenier, Quebecom

In this Spotlight On Client Success, Quebecom network and systems administrator Alexandre Grenier shares how his company is driving the success of its clients.

Channel Insights
The Reason SMBs Need MSPs More Than Ever
Article | By Greg Mosher, Avast Business

Growing cyberattacks drive SMBs to seek stronger security solutions.

MSP Bundling Cookbook: 5 Steps To Double Your Margins With Office 365
E-Book | SherWeb

In this e-book, you will learn how you can be really successful at selling Office 365. We have put together a simple five-step guide for building a competitive bundle to help MSPs make stronger margins. The e-book will teach you why bundling is the future, how to bundle Office 365 for success and how to handle customer objections.

How To Outsell Your Competition Instead Of Yourself
White Paper | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

VARs and MSPs can discover a new selling approach that works in today’s crowded business technology space. With increasing competition and decreasing product differentiation, resellers and services providers can no longer sell based on product features, an approach that worked in the past. Learn about this new approach that focuses on determining the customer’s needs first.

Mastering The Art Of Selling Security-As-A-Service
E-Book | Barracuda MSP

IT security and compliance are always going to be a means to a larger end. These days, however, managed service providers that want to stay relevant to their customers in the age of digital business will need to provide access to extensive IT security and compliance expertise one way or another.

Channel Voice, The Channel Executive Podcast

Catch up on an archive of conversations with channel luminaries including Paul Dippell, Robin Robins, Carrie Simpson, Bradley Gross, Tim Conkle, Jay McBain, Arlin Sorensen, and many, many more.

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