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05.23.19 -- 3 Essential Components Of A Managed Security Service

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Benchmark Data For Key Practice Differences Between TSPs And OEMs
Guest Column | By Jeff Connolly, TSIA
MSPs within technology services providers tend to be larger than MSPs within original equipment manufacturers, contribute a larger percentage of overall company revenue than OEM MS businesses, and be more strategic to the business as a whole. However, TSP’s key performance indicators (KPIs) lag behind OEMs in almost every measure. Why is this the case and what can you do about it?
Spotlight On MSP Client Success: Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
A conversation with Eric Gorman, Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

In this Spotlight On MSP Client Success, Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Inc. executive vice president and COO Eric Gorman shares how his company is driving the success of its clients.

Channel Insights
Solutions Provider Looks To Future With New Cutting-Edge POS Solutions
Case Study | Shift4 Payments

As a second-generation POS dealer, Delaware Valley Registers, Inc. (DVR) has had to make many adjustments to its business over the years to remain relevant. With the rapid pace of technological change in the retail and restaurant markets, resellers need a strategy to stay ahead of trends and provide their customers with the most powerful, secure, and cutting-edge solutions. For solutions providers who don’t, the result is typically them going out of business.

The Financial Value To Large MSPs Of Implementing A Reference Architecture: Spotlight On Endpoint Security
White Paper | Webroot

The Service Leadership Index  (S-L Index) shows that from 2008 through 2015, MSPs in the top quartile of EBITDA % profitability for the business model (after owner fair market compensation) consistently have about 2.6 times higher EBITDA % than median-performing MSPs, regardless of the size, age, or market of the MSP.

3 Essential Components Of A Managed Security Service
White Paper | Avast Business

Cybercriminals are increasingly shifting their sites from enterprises to SMBs, which creates both an opportunity and a challenge for IT services providers. The opportunity is managed security services — a great way for MSPs to deliver the protection customers require. However, knowing what security services customers need and effectively delivering them on an SMB budget can be challenging.

How To Build Your MSP Through Public Speaking – Even If It Terrifies You
Video | The ASCII Group

Learn the key differences between "speaking to present" and "speaking to sell" as well as beginner mistakes to avoid.

In Case You Missed It
4 Ways Business Owners Can Stay Strong When Things Get Rough
By Daniel Steyskal, Trapezoid Business Services

When trying to save your struggling business, success comes from love, not blame.

Latest Episode: Erick Simpson

Topics Discussed: The easy math MSP leaders refuse to do; why cybersecurity is bigger than managed services and how to get in on the action; how to let the math tell you when it’s right to hire your next sales person, engineer, or admin; how many independent consultants can the channel handle; what makes them all work together in unison; and much more.

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