Newsletter | August 19, 2020

08.19.20 -- 11 Types Of Phishing Attacks You Need To Know To Stay Safe

11 Types Of Phishing Attacks You Need To Know To Stay Safe

Like Darwin's finches, phishing has evolved from a single technique into many highly specialized tactics, each adapted to specific types of targets and technologies. But knowing about the hugely diverse set of today's phishing tactics can help ordinary people, home and business internet users alike, to be more prepared for the inevitable instance when they become the target. 

Staying Cyber Resilient During A Pandemic

We’re all thinking about it, so let’s call it out by name right away. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is a big deal. For many of us, the structure of our lives is changing daily; and those of us who are capable of doing our work remotely are likely doing so more than we ever have before.

Why Hackers Hack: It's Your Business To Care!

As cybersecurity grows more complex, criminals around the world are evolving along with it. Their methods leave you vulnerable and many organizations are at risk. Staying informed on this ever-changing landscape is vital. In this educational e-book, we explore the minds of hackers and open the window into their world.

Lockdown Lessons Episode 1: Securing Your Business

For any business, it’s crucial to remember that, as needs shift, the conversation around cybersecurity services is only going to grow. That means making sure your own business has an effective cybersecurity strategy is no longer merely nice to have; it’s actually a necessary part of doing business in today’s world. View this video to discover how layered cybersecurity can help.


Why A Backup And Recovery Strategy Is NOT Optional

It’s a scenario we see far too often: All of a company’s data is stored and managed on a single server. It’s protected by a backup server, sure, but even that is kept on the same domain as everything else. One day, the domain is hit by ransomware that not only shuts down the servers, but also corrupts backup data. So, what then?

DoH Is Here To Stay: Why Businesses Should Embrace It

Encrypted DNS — also known as DNS over HTTPS, or DoH — obscures internet traffic from bad actors. But it also has the potential to decrease visibility for IT admins whose responsibility it is to manage DNS requests for their organizations. So, what’s the solution? Strangely, DoH.